Kissing the pieces

She smiles when I sweetly kiss her
along her little sugar chin
then lightly peck across her neck,
she whispers
“Mommy, do it again.”

trying to kiss all of her pieces
with each soft sweep
unbreakable happier parts
skipping memories across her feet
but mostly I reach further
kissing the broken places
the more obvious hurts
life’s miserable bones

In the stillest nights
I will sing her song
mended chords just for her
I will carry her name along with her notes
so she knows she dances in my every breath
so she knows she’s my unbreakable

lightly brushing my lips
kissing her little neck
consoled for a moment
to hear her honey sweet giggles
dripping into my mind
she’s alive and semi whole
momentarily her pieces
in her clandestine heart
carrying her swiftly
through another paralyzed night

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