Dear student,

Everyday you traipse in the classroom
empty glazed over eyes.
Challenging me with the I want easy lie
A vast spectrum of discontent–
the space where your mind is spent.
Honestly, I’m surprised at the energy you will spend–
trying not to learn,
trying to convince me why you can’t.
I promise I’m not trying to tangle you up,
beat or bruise your mind.
The unknown is terrifying; I get it.
What you might uncover over time
in between attempting and comprehending;
the responsibility wisdom requires
weighs heavy on your concrete life.
There’s not enough strength left to pick it up.
But just this once,
what if you trusted me?
Just stepped across that definition you’ve created for yourself.
What if you colored outside those lines,
and found something of value to guard,
instead of your disregard.
Quiet those empty distractions;
they are filled with nothing .
What I have to offer is endless exploration,
more than the promises of ignorance.

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