the powder between us

What was it that I
wanted anyway? To live
without questioning
the love between you and me;
like those days awhile ago when we
were given three feet of powder
or more over our slopes–
holding us afloat,
covering every obstacle in our way.
That perfect velvet harmony
between the snow and our skis
each turn giving way to the next;
my body in rhythm with
your line, when my thighs burned
and the winter flew past my soul,
letting go and reminding me
I was alive.
That’s where I hoped
you and I would stay; there
in the pure, with plenty of white
beneath us to play, but today
the ground is hard
and unforgiving–
ice pushing my edges left
when I want to go right;
the dusty snow mingled
with dirt and cold pebbles and
boulders and snow snakes
waiting to catch me off guard.
Nothing but ice pulling at our edges.
No clear line between us.
But I trust it can only be days
or months or another year
until the powder returns
with each passing storm.

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