In verse

I was your addiction,
which left me feeling whole.

The center of your universe,
you– my places unexplored.

We drove each other crazy,
but kept each other sane;

all the while, a steady warning
pushing through me ‘gain and again;

Never love an addict
the thought droned on and on,

Your subconscious lyrics humming
the black notes of my song,

so while I listened, I didn’t hear;
too many reasons to feel alive

You covered all my insecurity,
while my soul gave way and died

You’re my beautiful girl
Those blue heroine words

shooting through my long gone ego
pushing all intelligence aside

until that suffocating muggy day
his evaporated truth slapped me hard

with the force of Ruth Brown’s Blues,
that time she belted out, So Long

your the world to me ya know,
you’ve been mine for oh so long

In verse–each note crystalline,
as I watched you fade and slip away



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