another way to deal with heartbreak

What can you do
with a broken heart?

Walk through a blizzard.

I’m not kidding. Get up
bundle in your best snow clothes
and walk and walk,

And take your dog if you can.
Something about the snow
makes them bound and leap
with happiness.
It’s so contagious in this event
you can’t help but smile,
if even just for a moment.

Walk until the cold reaches your lungs,
filling every last chasm
where you hid the words
you wanted to say to that bastard
but didn’t,
or should have said,
but couldn’t,
because you didn’t understand yet.
Let the icy air break those words free from hiding
and float through the frosted wind.

Trudge and push forward.
With every heavy step
Let the frigid bursts of air slap at your skin
and clear your soul.
Eventually you will feel bold for such an act.

Let yourself sweat away the layers
of unhappiness you carry
from the years of effort when you
pushed through the heavy layers.

Then, when you return home,
appreciate the warmth of the walls that embrace you and hold you.
The rooms won’t feel quite so empty,
they will welcome you and wrap you up.

And it is difficult
with such a warm welcome,
not to feel gratitude for both the
storm and hearth
and whatever else fell between.

Because you walked through the storm.


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