although open to the possibility
on those days when the placid salty waters,
call me to explore beneath
the warm emerald blankets,
coaxing my faith in you. It’s there
and I’m glad you’re with me
discovering what lies beneath
the sun sets its honey hues across the horizon
as it drips over the earth’s greens and blues
a few ripples splash against our boat
barely noticeable. The world seems kind-
doesn’t it?

But then, if I’m honest
there are those fitful days,
the angry seas and selfish wind contend
and everything evil surrounds us
pushing at our ship, drowning in watery doubt
and there isn’t room for both of us
on this untrustworthy vessel
tossed violently between each sullen wave
holding on for dear life, hoping–
I’m inclined to wonder who will escape,
you or me; it can’t be both.
The terrifying truth is I’m ok if it’s not me
as certain I am
you are not worth that

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