The Lake County Wars


The silence filled the courthouse room,
the county judge was still.
His wishes etched in quaking pen
to mend this unjust world.
He heard the vigilantes cry,
tonight the judge will die!
Charged with the thrill of ignorance
their horses kicked up lies.

Their howls shook the window seals,
dust filled with foul intent,
Elias Dyer come out and face
the judgment hell inflicts!

Their tainted words rang through the bricks,
tonight the judge will die!
We’ll teach him what we do to men
that stand on the wrong side.

Listn’ing to their angry slurs,
Dyer firmly set his pen;
carving the last words he’d leave
his law and testament:

8 o’clock in my court I sit
their last murder victim.
The Lake County mob guard me here;
I die for God’s good wisdom.
I trust his mercies and his grace
in law and principle.
My only hope is I’m avenged
‘gainst these vigilante fools.

Finished, he laid aside his pen
knowing he couldn’t stall.
Their cult and creed grew from a ditch,
revenge their one resolve.
‘The Regulators’ called by name,
direct and above the law.
He’d have to face these filthy men
for once and then for all.
His face was firm, he knew his role.
There was no backing down.
His fingers slid across his hat,
as he turned to stand his ground.

Just then five men crashed through the door.
Elias said a prayer,
Lord if there ever was a time
grant mercy to me here.

Three vile shots broke through the night
with curse and venom knife.
The first cut through his sturdy arm.
The judge yelled, Spare my life!
The second skimmed his ridged frame
His eyes then opened wide.
The man called Kraft, his pointed gun
straight at the judge’s eyes.
Kraft’s shot rang out, the judge slumped down
his fight was right and brave.
He looked into their wicked eyes,
and fell to his wood’n grave.

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