happy haunting

I wonder where does it go?
when it leaves every
last corner of your soul.

Once there in excess,
but it just seeped out
from the marrow in my bones,
through my platelets
and my pores–
all the while I absorbed
your ongoing daily miserables.
Until one day my giggle didn’t
exist inside me anymore.

But, where did it go?
Did it evaporate
into the dead air
searching out a more appreciative soul?
Leaking out into the universe,
past my transparent mind,

that was he’ll bent on holding out hope.

I should have left with it– slipped quietly away in the night. Instead I’m left with haunting memories
filling the fissure of its absence–

Something good was lost.
A something that was everything
and I didn’t even hear it slipping away
like a ghost in the night,

Like a ghost–

I can almost remember my smile
But I’m left without any tangible trace
of proof it ever existed.