About me

Hi. My name is Stacie.

I love to write. I have stories to tell. I believe stories change us. So, this space makes perfect sense. It’s not always neatly packaged, my only theme is writing. One day it may be a memoir, sometimes I might review a great book, and then there will be poetry.  This blog is eclectic without perimeters, but there are three things that directly influence my writing:

  1. Our minds hold the power to our happiness and it’s important to remain positive- especially when we are faced with trials.
  2. I’m obsessed with the truth – the wild truth – and I take full responsibility for all of the wonderful and terrible feelings this obsession creates.
  3. I like to get naked! Sometimes I want to strip an idea down to the bare essentials just to see what’s there, even if it turns out it’s not that cool. Sometimes I just have to know.

I’m just trying to make sense out of this crazy life and I’m grateful I can share my journey with you. Please, introduce yourself and get comfortable.  I would love to hear your thoughts and stories too.


    1. staciejordan

      I personally like the idea of the virtual fist-bump although at times I can be quite wistful too. We might have to trade off. Thanks so much for following my blog. It’s nice to meet you and read real words from the other virtual side.

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      1. It's Just A Theory...

        Trading-off is a-ok with me. Amongst the weaponry in my arsenal are: smirks, sly smiles, pointed stares, and the occasional knowing wink. Feel free to appropriate whichever you need, at any time. (8^)>
        Lovely to meet you as well…


    1. staciejordan

      Wuji, explaining my life would require a long memoir. It would not fit here in this little reply box. I’ve had many wonderful and painful experiences that have formed me. Abuse, poverty, marriage, betrayal, and love, along with many more surprises. One that recently weighs heavy on me is my 16 year old daughter with Down’s Syndrome was in a traumatic car accident with my ex last May, leaving her paralyzed. Hopefully, someday I can explain and understand all of these experiences in my writing. I only know it is my only outlet. Thank you for following my blog and your kind words of encouragement.


      1. Wuji

        That is intense Stacie, I guess even in tragedy we evolve and learn and grow as artists of our lives. I’ve had my share of poverty, peculiar experiences living in India for many years, separation, betrayal, alienation and meditation along the way as well. Poets have deeper lows and more surreal highs, and in our vulnerability we feel life more deeply and sweetly.


    1. staciejordan

      Thank you and welcome! I am looking forward to reading more of your work as well. After I read about you, I felt immediately kindred. Although I’m not an eternal optimist,I am usually a positive person, I also teach high school English, have 3 children (4 if you take into consideration my boyfriend), and I know how it feels to be invisible.

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